Villa Sant'Andrea

Vacation Rental Villa in Cortona, Tuscany

 Our farm is grown with organic methods, and guests may harvest fresh vegetables, grapes, and many fruits during their visit.




Renato Vicario and Janette Wesley took a leap of passion in 2009, and purchased approximately 15 acres of land which bordered their property in Cortona, Italy at Villa Sant’Andrea. Two large parcels, one which had been planted in Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon 5 years prior, the other parcel vacant. Yet, stories from the old timers in the area said that more than 50 years ago, it had been one of the best locations for vineyards, and the wine that grew on the hillside had been exceptionally good. Some stray vines still climbed the cherry trees along the borders as a testament.
Geographical studies were done and analyzed, and indeed, the land was perfect for traditionally Tuscan Sangiovese. The soil showed Pleistocene sedimentation with a strong fluvial clay origin and layers of low lime content sand, a type of marl, formed under freshwater conditions with variable amounts of clays and silt, corresponding with the end of the last glacial period. A few sections, though, still showed the result of the Tertiary period uplifting of the seabed 30 million years ago, which left interposed areas of layers of sandstone with more markedly clayey soil.
According to Renato, who comes from a long family history of winemaking, this was also perfect terrain for Cabernet Franc and, with that knowledge in mind, the new vineyard was planted and  underway for the 2015 production